Great Collaboration from
Google and BlindLook!

August 08, 2021
BlindLook x Google

We have established a great partnership with Google to eliminate the barriers that visually impaired people experience when using technology. We have brought to life the online training series "Google and YouTube Products for the Disabled" so that blind individuals can freely use 8 different Google and YouTube products that are popularly used such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Google Forms, Google Drive, Google Documents, Google Sheets and YouTube. . In this way, blind individuals can send e-mails via Gmail, manage their agendas via Google Calendar, hold online meetings via Google Meet, create surveys and collect answers via Google Forms, archive files and folders on Google Drive, organize their files on Google Documents, operate with formulas on Google Sheets and watch videos that interest him on YouTube. What's more, they can do much more than that. Let's become an EyeBrand, join the world of inclusive brands and start providing inclusive service to your visually impaired consumers.