Wonderful Partnership from
BlindLook and George Washington University!

January 27, 2022
George Washington Üniversitesi

As BlindLook, we set out on a path to freely include every blind and visually impaired person in life in 2019. We are moving along this path every day by adding to ourselves. We aim to increase accessibility for the blind and visually impaired with the freedom technology we have developed, the activities we have done, the collaborations we have carried out with brands, and many other studies such as these.

We would like to introduce BlindLook to the blind and visually impaired not only in our country but all over the world. For this reason, our goal in the transition from local to global has always been to take a big step.

Our first stop on this road we are leaving is America! We are working with George Washington University to most accurately prepare BlindLook for the American market. This university, located in the capital of Washington and among the two hundred most successful universities in the world with its two hundred years history, is our partner! The fact that this wonderful partnership is with a university with such strong characteristics not only excites us but also greatly increases our motivation to work. With our strong team at George Washington University, we are working hard to become the definition of freedom for every blind and visually impaired person in America.

This is nothing more, our breathtaking news is coming soon! We think to stay tuned!