We develop freedom technologies so that 285 million blind people can freely participate in life.

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An accessible world for everyone.

We build equal, accessible and inclusive world for the blind people.

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What We Do?

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Audio World for the Blind

In this world where information and communication is designed 80% vision-oriented, we create a 100% audio-oriented world for 285 million blind and visually impaired. Thanks to this audio world, the blind can do everything freely and independently, from make-up to sports, from cooking to independent shopping, from banking to using digital products. If you ask how, of course with our Audio Simulation technology. We overcome barriers with technology. Because we want "an Accessible World for Everyone".

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Blind Friendly Brands

Inclusive brands that care about their blind consumers become blind friendly thanks to BlindLook. Every product and service offered to the consumer takes place in the audio freedom world of BlindLook and becomes accessible for the blind. While the blind become independent with accessible service, our blind friendly brands proudly grow inclusive culture. Blind friendly brands prove their inclusive service with the EyeBrand certificate.

Become a Blind Friendly Brand
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Become a Blind Friendly
Brand (EyeBrand)

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