EyeBrand is the first and only transformative certificate developed for your company to include your visually impaired customers.

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EyeBrand Transformative
Inclusion Certificate

We know how much you care about your customers. What about your visually impaired customers? We don't want you to ignore them either. It is precisely for this purpose that we bring you the EyeBrand transformative certificate. EyeBrand is a globally valid certificate. You just need to rely on us to get this certification and shout inclusion to the world. We first transform your company than your industry then of course your visually impaired customers and ensure that your quality overcomes the barriers. you receive this certificate, your products and services will become barrier-free. No reason to wait, wouldn't you like to be one of the pioneers of barrier-free transformation?

Investing for everyone

Eye Certified Brands adopt Investing for Everyone philosophy. They invest on people as well as revenue. 



    • Brands that put inclusion at the center of their way of doing business can get EyeBrand transformative certificate. Eye Certified Brands have the opportunity to deliver their products and services to their visually impaired customers accessibly. And BlindLook manages the entire process.

    • To be included in the EyeBrand certification program, your company management team should contact the BlindLook team. Then BlindLook will be with you every step of the way for inclusive transformation. Just close your eyes and say Investing for Everyone!

    • Eye Certified Brands can make their certificates visible on websites, social media accounts, email signatures and on their products.

    • By participating in the EyeBrand certification program, you will be among the pioneering brands of change. You become a pioneer of inclusive transformation in your industry. You become part of a global community that operates with the Investing for Everyone philosophy.

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